June 17th Shipping Announcement June 17th Shipping Announcement

June 17th Shipping Announcement

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As of June 17, 2024, users may see a small increase in their shipping costs (on average, an increase of approximately $0.16 per order) due to an increase in carrier costs and a small fee that helps cover operational costs for providing shipping services including Smart Bundling. We will also be decreasing prices where our carriers have decreased our costs. 

We understand that any change in cost is meaningful, so we will continue to work with our teams and carriers to make sure we keep costs low for our users. Whatnot will continue to invest in products like Flat Rate shipping and Smart Bundling, which eliminates shipping costs for nearly 40% of orders, and we will continue to negotiate preferential rates with our carriers to keep costs low for our community.

You can find details on the specific price changes by service below:

You can find more information on our shipping prices here

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