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Whatnot’s Promote Tools are a way to help you drive growth when you are live by increasing the visibility of your stream. The Promote Tools currently consist of two features: Show Promotion and Show Boost

Show Promotion drives a steady stream of impressions to your show for a duration you specify, or until a budget that you set runs out.

Show Boost surges your livestream’s visibility and impressions in the app for up to 15 minutes based on a bid that you submit. 

Please note, the Promote Tools are currently only available to sellers in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

If you are interested in getting notified when we expand to more countries, fill out this form.

How to access Promote Tools

Open a scheduled or already live livestream that you want to promote and tap the “Promote” icon (small tag icon) in the right hand options. If it is not in the right hand options, click on the three dot icon “...” on the right and you will find Promote in there

From there, you’ll be able to access both Show Promote and Show Boost!


Which categories can I promote a show in?

Promote Tools are available to all sellers based in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, in all categories.

If you are interested in getting notified when we expand to more countries, fill out this form.

Where will my livestream be promoted?

Your livestream will be promoted in your category feed and/or the For You Feed depending on which Promote Tool you use and what amount you allocate to be promoted.

Can I choose when I am promoted?

If you set up the promotion before going live, your livestream will be promoted starting when you go live. If you set up the promotion during the live, it’ll start as soon as you complete setting it up.

Where can I see the results of my promoted show?

After you finish your show, you will see a post show summary with key data points from your show, including information about your Promote Tools usage. We also have a Seller Ad Analytics dashboard on the Whatnot website. You can access it by going to Profile > Seller Analytics > Ad Analytics tab. This is available only on the web and may take 1-2 days to populate. 

How do I pay for my promotion?

You are only charged when you are live and the promotion is running. You will be charged per generated buyer impression. 

You will never pay more than the total cost of your budget or bid, as outlined on the summary screen during promotion creation.

Once deducted from the ledger, you should be able to see the transaction in the following ways:

  • On App: Profile -> Menu -> Payouts -> Transaction History
  • On Web: Profile Menu -> Ledger

Why can’t I promote my stream?

Your country may not yet be eligible for promotions (Promote Tools are currently only available to sellers based in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom). If your country is eligible, monitor your Trust & Safety Metrics and make sure that your content and conduct align with our Community Guidelines. Violations could lead to your access being disabled (read more about What Actions We Take.)

How much am I charged, and can I see how much I’ve spent?

The amount you have spent on ads will show up in your ledger, and after two days will also show up in your analytics.

I chose to promote a show but it doesn’t look like I’ve been charged. Why is this the case?

You're only charged for sponsored impressions if the promotion actually boosts your visibility. If you would have ranked high organically, or there's limited competition at the time that you promote your show, we won't charge you or label your show as “Sponsored”.

Why can’t I see the “Sponsored” label on shows on web / desktop?

We do not not currently show the “Sponsored” label on web / desktop.

If I promote my shows, will those shows be promoted outside of the country where I am based?

Currently, shows promoted by sellers will only be surfaced to buyers in the country where the seller is based, and buyers will only see promoted shows from sellers in the country where the buyers are based.
For example, shows promoted by UK-based sellers will only be surfaced to UK-based buyers, and UK-based buyers will only see promoted shows from UK-based sellers.

I think I received a credit for Promote Tools - where can I find it?

Here's where your credit for Promote Tools will appear:

  1. Tap into any show you have scheduled, and tap the "Promote" icon on the right. 
  2. At the top of the next screen, you'll see the Promotion Credits amount in green.
  3. You’ll also see your Promote Tools credit if you click “Price Details” in the purchase flow for either Show Boost or Show Promotion.

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