How to sell in Luxury Bags & Accessories on Whatnot How to sell in Luxury Bags & Accessories on Whatnot

How to sell in Luxury Bags & Accessories on Whatnot

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Certain categories require some additional know-how to ensure everyone has a good time—sellers and buyers alike. That's why we have specific access requirements for selling in Luxury Bags & Accessories. 

Access requirements to sell in Luxury Bags & Accessories

In order to start selling in Luxury Bags & Accessories, sellers must consistently provide high-quality buyer experiences. Here’s how:

  • Only sell authentic goods
  • Do not misrepresent the condition of your goods
  • Maintain your Trust & Safety track record, which you can monitor in your Trust & Safety Metrics:
    • Fulfill orders and host live streams consistently over time
    • Ship orders on-time
    • Avoid causing canceled/unfulfilled/refunded orders
    • Have more than 5 ratings from different buyers and avoid low ratings
  • Follow Whatnot’s Community Guidelines

Once you've met these automatic requirements, you've passed the eligibility check, and we’ll notify you through email with next steps.

We also recognize that it takes time to build toward these requirements, so if you need access to sell ASAP, you can apply for pre-approval through this application link. Please note that you can only fill out this application if you already have live seller access on Whatnot.

You can view your progress towards these requirements or track your application stats through Seller Status* on Android / iOS / web:

  1. Tap “Profile” in the bottom right corner.
  2. Tap the two lines icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Tap “Seller Status”, and scroll to the “Gated Categories” section.
  4. Tap the “Apply” button next to “Luxury Bags & Accessories.”

Whether you pass the eligibility check through the automatic requirements or through an application, we’ll email you a quiz, which you’ll need to pass before being fully approved to sell in Luxury Bags & Accessories. By passing this quiz, you demonstrate that you have the know-how (policy knowledge and an understanding of the category’s best practices) to sell in Luxury Bags & Accessories in a way that’s fair and enjoyable, both for you and for your buyers.  

We'll roll out updates gradually and fine-tune our access requirements to make them as effective and fair as possible.

* Note: We are rolling out Seller Status gradually to ensure the experience is reliable and high-quality. If you’re already a live seller and interested in starting to sell in Luxury Bags & Accessories but don’t see Seller Status in your profile menu, you can apply here.

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