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Gather Order Information

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This article covers how to gather order information in the event you need to contact our support team. For most issues, you can submit a support request directly in the app. However, some support forms request specific order information. 

How do I find my Order ID & Tracking number?

  1. Open the app, go to your profile, select 'Menu'
    Menu two lines mobile.png
  2. Click on 'Purchases'
    Buyer Purchases mobile.png
    1. If you're using the web version, it can be found by clicking on the profile icon and then 'Orders' under the 'Buyer' section
  3. Click on the purchase you need support
  4. The order details will show your order ID (e.g., Zg9i2wfwq)
  5. Click the "Track Shipment" to retrieve your tracking number 

For more information on how to submit a support request, please see this article

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