How to create a PYT break in 30 seconds How to create a PYT break in 30 seconds

How to create a PYT break in 30 seconds

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Introducing a new breaking experience built by breakers for breakers. You can now set up a break 7x faster than before!   


How to create a PYT break in 30 seconds

Make sure your break products are uploaded in the break manager before beginning the steps outlined below.


Step 1: On your web browser, create a live in a sports break category (e.g., Basketball Breaks) and tap ‘Create a Break’ when you’re creating a listing.


Step 2: Fill in the key info about your break.  If you use a custom spot list, tap ‘custom’ under Spot Preset, and you can just paste that list directly into the spot spreadsheet (see next step).



Step 3: Go to “Manage Spots.” You can copy and paste over spot names and prices from your own spreadsheet or you can manually enter all the spot names and prices manually. 



Step 4: Tap “Add Products” to add the products you’re breaking from Whatnot’s product catalog.  These will show up to buyers when they’re browsing your breaks, and will make your breaks more discoverable.


Step 5: Pin your break to your livestream and let buyers purchase spots. 


While the break is running, buyers can tap from the pinned break or the store to see what teams are available, what other buyers are in the break, and purchase spots.  


You can also pin individual spots, or run them as an auction.


Step 6: When the break is filled, click “Start Breaking.” Buyers in the break will receive a notification that the break is starting so they don’t miss it!


Step 7: Once the break is done, click on “Finish Breaking.” You will see the break marked as “Completed” and you can start running your next one.

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