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Whatnot Watch Moderator Program

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Whatnot has always strived to be the safest place for people to buy and sell, and developed many of the most robust policies in the industry – whether it’s our unmatched 100% buyer protection policy or reimbursing the market value of lost or damaged hits from a break.

Whatnot Watch Pilot is a community moderator program to increase our monitoring and make the Sports Card buying experience safer on Whatnot. 

Whatnot Watch brings together a group of community leaders in sports to monitor, identify and report on severe violations in sports live streams, like:

  • Sellers attempting to enter their own break (incl. employees/household members entering breaks)
  • Manipulating card(s) off-screen
  • Attempts to keep a hit (steal)
  • Attempts to sell a resealed product
  • Any other misconduct or attempts to manipulate the outcome of a break

We’re excited to work with our community to help raise the bar and set a new standard of trust in the hobby. 

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