Whatnot is a Marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. Whatnot features live shopping and competitive bidding for rare and limited products. To protect the integrity of the marketplace and auction process, ALL BIDS ARE BINDING and ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

To receive a refund for an order, please contact our Buyer Support team. 

You may receive a full refund on an item at no cost to you if:

  • The item is unconsumed and you reach out within 14 days of receiving your order.
  • The item was damaged in shipping.
  • The item was clearly sent with damage that does not match the listing photos. 
  • The incorrect item was sent to you.
  • If the item does not have photos and does not match the condition listed.
  • The item is a counterfeit in some way (e.g., Figurine, Sticker).

Refund Reasons and Timelines

Order Status

Return/Refund Reason

Timeline to Request Refund

Request a Cancellation/Refund

Order was placed

Accidental bid, friendly fraud, etc. 

Within two hours from when the order was placed

Request from the seller to cancel your order

Package received

No longer want that item. 

There were order issues (missing an item, wrong item, counterfeit item, etc.).

Within 14 days from when the order was received (as a part of your right of withdrawal)

Contact Buyer Support

Order is in-transit / not shipped

Package is missing in transit, package tracking has not been updated, or package was not shipped

Within 30 days of placing your order

Contact Buyer Support

Order was marked delivered but not received

Package was delivered to the wrong place, package was stolen, etc.

Within 7 days from when the order was marked delivered

Contact Buyer Support

Whatnot reserves the right to deny your refund request and will provide refunds at their discretion on a case-by-case basis. Whatnot will not be held liable for any package marked as delivered by your postal carrier to the address listed on your account.

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