Screen Sharing directly to your Livestream

Live sellers now have the ability to screen share directly to their Whatnot livestream from a computer.

Please note - this feature is only available while you are live and only works with Google’s Chrome web browser.

Log into your account on the desktop site at and navigate to your Account page. Once on this page, click on the new Lives section at the top of the page.

This will bring up a yellow button that says “Share Screen”.

Click this button to determine what you will be sharing. You can share:

  • your entire screen

  • a specific window

  • a Chrome browser tab

If you would like to share the audio while sharing a Chrome tab, be sure to check the box on the bottom left that says “Share audio.” This can only be done while sharing a Chrome tab, not a window or your entire screen.

If you play audio, be sure to turn down the volume on your phone so audio does not play loudly out of it and echo through your phone’s microphone. To control the volume of the sound output, you can use the volume slider on whatever app you are playing audio out of (YouTube, Spotify, etc), not your computer’s volume slider.

You should now see your source live in your livestream. You can swap the position of your stream and the shared source by clicking the white double arrow on the right/middle of the screen.

You can also swipe away your chat and the bidding window for an unobstructed view of your screen.

To stop sharing your screen, simply click the yellow button again from your profile page on and your screen sharing session will end.

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