Whatnot Inc Shipping FAQ

How do I ship an Order?

Whatnot provides USPS shipping labels from you the seller to the buyer. Attach this shipping label to your package and drop off at your local post office.

Where do I take my package once it is ready to ship?

You can drop your package off at any postal package box in your local area including the drop boxes inside and outside of post offices. You can but it is not required to take your package to the post office counter to ship since Whatnot provides prepaid ePostage.

What type of USPS label will I get from Whatnot?

-Whatnot uses First-Class Mail for packages up to 15 oz and Priority Mail for packages 15 oz and more. Whatnot labels are ePostage, which is a new USPS® electronic postage payment option which allows USPS to receive payment from one central e-retailer account.

The Post Office says that I can’t ship this package or I owe additional money. What do I do?

Occasionally Postal employees are not familiar with every shipping program. If there is a difference in your actual package size or weight from what we projected a correction maybe needed. Typically this correction is made by the post office’s Automated Package Verification system. You can inform the postal employee that you are using an ePostage label and that they can assign the billing correction to the account associated with the label. If there is still an issue please reach out Whatnot Customer service so we can contact USPS and we will issue you a new label to get your package moving. For live sellers, you can also create a new label for free in the shipping dashboard.

Additional Resources:

Whatnot Customer Service: https://help.whatnot.com/en/

USPS ePostage Program: https://faq.usps.com/s/article/What-are-PC-Postag-ePostage

USPS Automated Package Verification - https://www.usps.com/business/verify-postage.htm

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