At Whatnot, we want to create a fun & safe community for collectors and like-minded people to hangout and have fun. To help with this, we’d ask the community to please adhere to our community guidelines below.

Whatnot Community Guidelines

The essence of our community guidelines are simple: Be nice and be honest.

If we find evidence that you were dishonest, or mistreated another person in the community you may be temporarily or permanently banned from Whatnot.

We know being nice and honest can be hard to interpret sometimes, so below you can find some more specifics guidelines:

  • No racisms, bigotry or misogyny: We have a zero tolerance policy on any of this behavior. If you’re caught doing it, you will be banned.

  • No price bashing: It’s ok to talk about the price or estimated value of an item, but it’s not ok to give anyone a hard time for what they pay for something. It’s their choice how to spend their money, and you should not criticize them for it.

  • Treat all Whatnot mods & employees with respect: Things can go wrong, and it’s frustrating, but they’re here to help. We just ask that you treat them respectfully and don’t name call -- in essence, treat them like you would like to be treated.

  • Only ban users that break our guidelines: Sellers should only ban users from streams if they break our community guidelines

  • Do not misrepresent the condition or authenticity of an item: Make sure you’re honest about the condition of an item being sold and its authenticity.

  • No harassment of any kind: Do not harass any person on Whatnot by spamming them, calling them names, following them around the platform and so forth.

  • No threats: Do not threaten anyone on Whatnot. Not only is it against our guidelines it may get you in serious trouble. We’ll take threats seriously, and if appropriate, you may get be reported to the authorities

  • Do not promote your items in someone else’s stream: Taking over someone else’s stream to try and sell your own items isn’t nice. People put a lot of time in effort into what they’re doing, so please don’t take over their stream to sell your items unless you get their permission.

  • No spamming: Do not send the same message to people over and over again. This is annoying and not nice.

  • Do not abuse live auctions: Don’t do anything with auctions that could artificially increase the price of what you’re selling, or use your auctions to try take advantage of the community

Some of these rules are blurry, so when having to make a judgement on whether someone breaks our guidelines, we at Whatnot will approach things as objectively as possible and make decisions based on what is best for the community.

That said, we’ll continue to look to the community and listen to ensure we adjust the rules and guidelines properly.

If you have any questions, we’re available at [email protected]

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