We do everything we can to protect sellers and ensure you're paid for each sale. We hold the money for every sale until your item is authenticated, or 2 days after a seller receives it. Sellers are not responsible for chargebacks. 

You'll be paid for a sale unless the following is true:

  1. The incorrect item was sent

  2. The item was counterfeit in some way (entire item, or a sticker)

  3. The item was clearly sent with damage that was not present in listings photos

  4. The item was damaged in shipping due to improper packaging (if you follow our guidelines, you’ll never be responsible for shipping damage)

  5. The item was not scanned by the delivery company

In the case of a dispute, Whatnot will investigate (and consider putting a hold on a payment until the situation is resolved). Whatnot is not like other marketplaces that almost exclusively side with the buyer. We will review all transactions in a balanced nature.

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