To keep Whatnot safe, and provide a great experience for Whatnot buyers, we have the following guidelines on What can be listed on Whatnot. Please note, that we also review every listing and anything that is listed that may compromise the integrity of the platform is not allowed.

We will not allow listings that:

  • Do not clearly show the condition of the item being listed (e.g., have very blurry photos)

  • Items with incorrect condition label (if this happens infrequently, we will alter it ourselves, but if this happens for every one of your listings, they will just be rejected)

  • Items that clearly have factory defects

  • Anything that blocks the item in the photos

  • If that exact item has already been listed on Whatnot by you (you can list multiple of the same type of the item if you own multiple of them)

  • Contain photos of an item in a protector. Protectors can hide damage. The only exception to this rule is anything that comes shrink wrapped in a protector when purchased new (e.g., Vader Futura).

  • Any item with autographs as we cannot verify the legitimacy of autographs at this time

  • Do not have the required photos

  • Funko Pops that do not have factory codes (the 3-letter code followed by numbers) on the bottom of the box (unless this was the way it was manufactured)

  • Show significant signs that the item may be counterfeit or altered in any way (e.g., sticker swapped)

  • Only contain loose items. Every listing must have a box.

  • Items that are absurdly priced

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