Here's all the info you'll need to know to ensure you can hold a live show on Whatnot.

How do add products to your stream:

  • Locate your live stream on the On Air tab and click the “Watch” button located on the bottom right.

  • Click on the lot tag icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. The lot tag screen is where all your live stream items will be displayed after you list them.

  • Clicking the lot tag will bring up a new window. In the bottom right corner of this new window, you will see the same lot tag icon but it will have a plus symbol next to it. Click on this Lot Tag ​+​ symbol to add items to your live stream.

  • The “Add a Product” option will appear.

  • Choose “Scan a Barcode” (currently only for Funko Pops, Funko Sodas or FigPin) or choose “Search” and type what you’re looking for. ​Instructions for adding items that aren’t in the catalog can be found below.

  • Click on the item once located.

  • Select “Set Buy Now price” or “Add for Auction”

  • Add any information to the Description field you wish. (Condition, # of pieces, Exclusivity, etc.)

  • Items can be edited or deleted at any time. You can pin an item to feature it in your live stream placeholder before it starts. Click on the item in your lot and you will see this menu:

  • You can start an auction on Buy Now items. You can also add items to your lot at any time, even during your live stream.

Listing items not in the Whatnot catalog:

  • Add an item by clicking on the lot tag

  • Search for the product “​Livestream Item​” ​(for Pokemon or Sports cards use “Livestream Card Item”)

  • Select Auction or Buy It Now

  • Edit the name of the item to change it from “​Livestream Item​” to whatever you need.

  • Add a description, if needed (and a price for Buy Now items)

  • Tap confirm

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