Once your stream is complete:

  • Log in to your account on a computer at ​http://www.whatnot.com​ (we recommend you use the Chrome web browser)

  • Select “Account” from the drop down menu

  • Select “Live Sales” on the next page

  • On this page, click the black drop down arrow

  • Look for the name of your last live sale stream and select it from the drop down menu

  • This next page may take a few moments to load. You should then see a page that contains a list of all of your sales from your last stream and your total sales. It should look similar to this:

  • If you sold multiple items to the same buyer in your live stream, you have the option of shipping a selection of them in a single package. They will automatically show up at the top of the page in a group.

  • The yellow “Ship It Bundled” button relates to items below it. Select the items you wish to ship together by ticking the checkbox to the left of each item. Click this yellow button to generate a shipping label for the multiple items below you have selected.

  • Note:​ You do ​NOT​ have to bundle ALL of your items in a single package. Tick the checkboxes next to the items you would like to bundle and a bundled shipping label will be generated when you click the yellow “Ship it Bundled” button. You can then select the next grouping of items you would like to bundle and generate another bundle label.

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